guyplayfair asked:

If you could hug any Doctor Who writer, which one would you hug? I think personally I would go for Robert Shearman, he looks cuddly and that beard would probably feel nice rubbing on your head. Russell T Davies also looks quite huggable but his propensity towards suits and lack of facial hair might not make it as pleasurable as Mr Shearman.

neil-gaiman answered:

I would like to hug all the women who have written for Doctor Who since 2008. All of them! I would start with…

What, nobody?  That can’t be right…. (goes off, puzzled).







Remember that time Jarvis, King Robert Baratheon, The Joker and Wash hung out.

And my longheld love of this movie’s cast has been fully justified.

Loving A Knight’s Tale never requires justification, because it is and has always been a 100% valid life choice. It is a perfect movie.


I love this movie so hard.

katieroman I found out people.